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College Boys Physical – Sex Eli

February 21st, 2013 No comments
Guy Gives Head

Guy Gives Head

It was a very busy day at the College Boys Physicals office so when Eli came it the good doctor asked Nurse Erik to start his exam. Eli was in for a normal physical so the Erik told him he would need to strip nude for the process. Eli is not shy so the clothes came off in an instant.

Eli is such a hot piece of ass it was hard for Nurse Erik to keep his hands off of him and soon he was unable to do so. As Eli relaxed on the table Nurse Erik started rubbing is dick. When Eli didn’t tell him to stop the good nurse leaned down and took Eli’s fantastic cock in his mouth. There are two things Nurse Erik is great at. One is taking vital signs and one is sucking cock.

Hot Gay Blowjob

Hot Gay Blowjob

He quickly pulled off his uniform and got naked while he was sucking Eli’s dick. Eli got hard in his mouth and started to thrust. He loved the feel of a nice, wet gay blowjob. Erik is so skilled he opens up wide and deepthroats him, taking every inch of that fantastic cock down his throat.

Nurse Erik fell to his knees and had Eli stand up so that he could fuck his face and slam his cock into that hot mouth. Erik used his tongue to massage the head of Eli’s cock as it slid in and out of his mouth. He even reached under and massaged the balls. It felt so good that Eli wasn’t going to be able to hold out for long so Erik clamped his mouth down tight and sucked hard until Eli busted a nut into his very skilled mouth.

Male Nurse Gives Head

Male Nurse Gives Head


Eating For Two, Movies Fucking For One

September 17th, 2011 No comments

Eating For Two, Fucking For One

Eating For Two, Fucking For One

Pregnant women are the hungriest and horniest of them all. Now that Sunshine is six months along, her boobs and belly are bigger than ever and the only two things she craves are cock and chocolate. A regular check-up at the doctor turns into a preggo feast-and-fuck appointment when the male nurse feeds Sunshine chocolate. Once her appetites for food and sex have been triggered, there’s no stopping her from getting what she wants. The only time she stops eating is to suck his cock. It’s only with chocolate in her mouth and a cock in her pussy that Sunshine is sated… for now.

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College Boy Physicals Tube – Ajay-krist

October 23rd, 2010 No comments


Ajay at College Boy Physicals says,

A yearly physical is required at our campus if you play a sport, and live on campus in one of the dorm rooms. Since I was joining the wrestling team, I knew that there was going to be no way that I could get it done by my normal doctor. So, I made an appointment to just go into the school’s clinic to have it done. When I setup the appointment they told me that one of the nurses would do the exam, because they were so backed up. I didn’t really care who it was. When I arrived a couple days later for my exam, I had this male nurse that was going to give me the exam. He started out asking me some basic information, and then moved on to taking my blood pressure. Nurse Ajay was making a lot of small talk while he preformed the tasks. To listen to my heart rate he had me take off my shirt, and he listened while I took a couple of deep breaths. (MORE)


When things got to the point that he asked me to take off my pants this was always something that made me a little self-conscious about my body. I pulled my pants off, and underneath I had on my jock strap. I was going to have practice after the physical and I was just trying to cut down on having to do a bunch of changing. Getting back up on the exam table, Ajay said that he just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. Lifting up the waist band he started to feel around. His hand worked its way to my dick where he started to do a little more touching. Then, as he was starting to pull up on my dick he asked if it felt good. I had never had a doctor ask me that. But, how was I going to lie to something that did feel good. I said yes, and just kept looking up at him. As my underwear came off all the way leaving me naked on the table, Ajay continued to play with my cock. Getting me hard and it wasn’t complicated considering that I was horny as hell. To make sure that it was working okay, he told me that he was going to put my dick in his mouth. (MORE)


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