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Broke Straight Boys Jamal Porn

January 20th, 2012 No comments

The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

At the Broke Straight Boys studio today, we have Jamal, a newcomer to the futon. Right away, Jamal, an African American with cropped hair, said that he was excited to be at BSB and was looking forward to showing what he had for the BSB members. Jamal explained that he was from Mississippi and is completely broke but needs money to buy a car, hence, coming to the BSB studio. I explained to Jamal that today, he would just being doing his solo shoot and depending on how that goes, he would then be appearing alongside other models in future videos. (MORE)

I asked him if he jerked off at home and was surprised when he confessed that he jerked off up to 5 times a day! Jamal stood up, stripping off to his underwear and revealing a muscular and compact body that suited his 5′ 10″ frame, Jamal saying that he worked out at least 3 times a week. I got him to turn around and pull down his loose fitting boxers, Jamal laughing as he shook his well rounded ass for the BSB members. Throwing his underwear to one side, Jamal sat back down. Putting on the porn, I told Jamal to just do his thing and tell me when he was about to cum. (MORE)

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Rafael Tube Nadal Shirtless In Spain

August 4th, 2011 No comments
Rafael Nadal Shirtless in Spain
Rafael Nadal goes shirtless as he relaxes with friends on Wednesday (July 6) in Mallorca, Spain.The 25-year-old tennis star and several of his buddies sat in the sun on a boat.

Broke Straight Boys – Tyler And Tube Zakk

June 17th, 2011 No comments

The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Here at Broke Straight Boys, we have Zakk and Tyler paired up as requested by the BSB members. I asked Zakk to guess who he was going to be doing his scene with today which only led to him being too shy to really guess so I told him that Tyler was going to be joining him and from his expression, Zakk was pleasantly surprised. There was a knock on the door and in came Tyler, fresh from makeup. As Tyler sat down next to Zakk, I asked him who was going top and who was going to bottom, Tyler instantly saying he was going to top while Zakk was ok about bottoming and with a price of $1200 for Zakk and $800 for Tyler, it was time to get the show on the road.  (MORE)

The boys stood up and started stripping off, revealing two distinctly different body types; Zakk was tanned and toned while Tyler was more of a twink and milk bottle pale. Still, both boys were very attractive in their own way. Tyler sat back down on the futon, still in his underwear while Zakk was completely nude, both playing with their cocks while watching some bi porn. Taking his socks and underwear off, Tyler leaned over and took Zakk’s huge cock into his mouth. Right away, Zakk looked like he was in heaven as he leaned back into the futon. Grabbing hold of Tyler’s dick, Zakk began wanking him off as he muttered that Tyler was ’so good!’ As talented a cock sucker as Tyler is, the size of Zakk’s dick meant that Tyler couldn’t go all the way down but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. (MORE)

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Diddi Sucks Tube Dick And Gets Stuffed In The Pussy

June 10th, 2011 No comments

Oral Girlfriends welcomes another sizzling chick who knows how to make a cock stiff with the use of her teeth, tongue, mouth, and lips. All these work together to make the experience as pleasurable as possible, the kind of BJ any man won’t forget. I usually browse through photos of bitches alone so I can concentrate more on getting my cock hard but a friend of mine coincidentally dropped by as I was already squeezing my balls while looking at these pics and she caught me red handed (my hand full of my balls, to be exact). And she said she swears she saw my mouth literally hang open, which made her flush and horny in an instant. Well, damn, I can hump a jello any moment I see someone get aroused by something (or someone) so I’d say I share the same perverted sentiments with her.

Ok so, I got caught but then while jacking off to the pictures of this cocksucking, blond and busty Diddi chick, my friend sat beside me and started to rub herself on me. She kept glancing at my reaction and got too horny that she grabbed my dick and gave me the kind of blowjob we saw on this gallery. I’ll be damned if that didn’t help a bit! Of course the real thing made me squirm and moan more. It felt just too good that I didn’t have the split second control over my cum that it shoots right between her eyes. Good thing she took it like a pro and even licked her mouth clean and swallowed my jizz. This is all because of Diddi’s wild pictures so if you want to experience this to, click here to view Diddi’s blowjob and fucking pictures so you can have a taste of her charm too. Visit often for fresh and sticky updates.

Broke Straight Boys – Ashton And Porn David

March 23rd, 2011 No comments

The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

In the Broke Straight Boys studio today, we have Ashton and David. They are here to do an anal scene, with Ashton introducing David to the joys of gay sex. As Ashton and David sat on the futon chatting, along with myself, I could see that they would get along well and make a really hot video. Although I wanted to see David bottom for the first time, Ashton has issues with getting hard enough to top in a scene, therefore, he would be bottoming for David today. As Ashton explained it, although he is bisexual, he just doesn’t get turned on by another’s guys ass and instead, prefers to take cock instead of give it. (MORE)

David was happy with $1000 to top while Ashton would be getting the standard $1500 to bottom. As David stood up to get undressed, I offered them extra if they kissed but both objected to it, saying it wasn’t their thing. Ashton got to his feet, both boys stripping off to their underwear, Ashton turning around and flashing his ass to the camera in his new undies when he decided to show all the members how the inbuilt cock ring worked, all the while jiggling his crotch at the camera. As I went to go put on the straight porn, it was decided that Ashton was going to suck cock first. So, with that, the boys took off their underwear and threw them to the side. (MORE)

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Movies Two Sexy Lesbians Play With Pussy Beads

February 7th, 2011 No comments

Two girls were sitting around having some coffee together and chatting like friends. Their conversation finally turned naughty as one of the girls hiked up her skirt to show off her sexy undies. Then the blonde went down on her friend’s tits and started sucking on the budding nipples. Finally the girls got completely nude and started rubbing their perky tits together. The sexy redhead sat on the counter and showed her girlfriend that she had something in her pussy. So the blonde pulled on the string and she started to pull several large beads out of the other girl’s horny twat! Both of them sucked on the beads and then put them back inside.

College Boy Sex Physicals – Keith And Austin

November 1st, 2010 No comments


Austin at College Boy Physicals says,

My boyfriend Keith and I were looking in the newspaper and came across this ad in the newspaper where guys could make money participating in sexual experiments. I called the clinic and they asked me a series of questions to make sure that I would work, and they said that I could bring Keith as well. When we arrived at the clinic we both had to sign a bunch of paperwork before we could be taken back to one of the exam rooms for the doctor. After we finished, the nurse walked us back and put us in a room. I took a seat on the exam table and Keith sat next to me on a stool, and we just chilled while we waited for the doctor. Dr. Phingerphuck came in and introduced himself, when we explained why we were there. The Doc started to tell us that he had come up with some medical drink that straight guys could take to want to do gay sex, and that now the army got wind of it and they wanted him to come up with something that would do the reverse. That was where we came in, and we would make $1200 after we did three different visits to the clinic. The first thing that had to be done was a quick overview of our health. (MORE)


Dr. Phingerphuck started by asking me some standard questions about my height and weight. Next, he had me remove my shirt so that he could take a listen to my heart. The Doc could tell that I didn’t smoke by listening to my lungs. After that he took my blood pressure, and said that I had a normal range. When Phingerphuck asked about my sexual activity, I thought that it would had been obvious with my boyfriend sitting next to me. Both he and I have a promise to each other that we will always have safe sex with one another, and not take a chance with bare backing. I was told to take off my pants, and as I was sitting on the table in only my underwear the Doc put on a pair of gloves. He noticed my one pierced nipple as he felt around my body and down towards my dick. The next request was to have me remove my underwear, and I will admit that I was nervous. Touching and moving my dick around he noticed that I actually had some precum on my cock. After he finished checking out each of my balls Phingerphuck noticed that forgot to check my ears and eyes. (MORE)


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A Cock Starved Tube Girl Gets Her Wish

September 15th, 2010 No comments

Paulina is super horny babe with a rockin’ body and some cute little tits. She was desperate for some cock as she sat on the chair and fondled her sweet pussy. She licked her fingers and masturbated herself until she was soaking wet. Then a guy came in and started eating her pussy, giving Paulina some soft friction on her swollen clit. Then Paulina was on her knees and sucking him off, all the way down the back of her throat. She got him hard so that she could get probed by his big meat in her sweet cunt. Paulina was fucked in all sorts of positions as he tore up her hot twat. Then he finally emptied his nut sack on her face.

Brianna Beach Tube Stretches Wide!

July 28th, 2010 No comments

The Real Workout

Brianna Beach is always faithfully attending the yoga classes down at the gym, I always find myself staring at her and daydreaming. One of the other trainers always makes fun of me for staring at her, watching every inch of her body as she stretches out and puffs out those perky tits. Once in a while I catch her looking up at me and she always winks at me and it drives a chill down my spine as I imagine burying my face in her pussy. Well last week things changed completely.

Last week as Brianna sat in yoga class she made this awful face and screached and I went in to see what was wrong. She’d just pulled a muscle and I helped her out in to my officewhere I lay her down on the floor. I started to massage her legs and pushed them down in to her body. The further I pushed her legs the harder my dick got because I was so close to that slit and just when I thought that she’d be in pain she started to laugh and asked if I was going to fuck her then or what? I couldn’t believe she’d made the whole thing up but I sure was going to fuck that slit!

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