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Cum-loving Tramps Take It Up Movies The Butt

September 13th, 2011 No comments

Anal Lick Fest

Watch these slutbags get their shitters nailed by a rabid, butt-loving fuckstud here! They’re so intent on getting as much dickmeat up their asses, they keep on licking each other’s buttholes to keep them lubed. Not just that, they also treat the guy to a fantastic rimjob that almost makes him pop his cork even before he’s gotten a chance to screw both sluts! Check out the girls’ free video here, courtesy of Anal Lick Fest.Com, where they take turns licking each other’s butts while their fuckstud bangs away.

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Hot Sluts Love Licking Butts Sex!

May 2nd, 2011 No comments

Anal Lick Fest

It’s time for another ass-licking party, brought to you by platinum blonde slutbags Tori and Jill! Nothing else turns these slags on like a good and wet tongue fucking down their musky asscracks, and they also do the same to our lucky stunt penis. Let’s just hope he doesn’t blow his wad too soon, ‘cuz these bitches are really amazing at licking anyone’s bunghole clean!

Check out this awesome video where Tori munches on Jill’s muff while the latter stuffs her tongue up their fuckstud’s arse! That kind of treatment is guaranteed to give you rip-roaring orgasms after a robust fucking session. And yes, our girls here do get drilled right up their shitters, which eventually causes our guy to shoot more spunk than he ever thought he could!

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Beautiful Blond All Game Tube For Butt Licking

April 24th, 2011 No comments

For a hot blond sweetheart, Celine can lick a man’s asshole within moment’s notice, especially when she knows she’s gonna get some good cash out of it. We gave her a bigger deal, but at the same time gave her two ass-rims to clean with her tongue for this episode. She’s up to the challenge and immediately spread one man’s butt-cheeks so she can stick her tongue on that sensitive ticklish spot. With one butthole after another, see this sweet young blond have sex on those shitters in this exclusive ass-licking video!

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Bff’s Bond Over Buttfucking Movies

September 25th, 2010 No comments

Anal Lick Fest

Carolyn and Jenny have been best friends for a long time now, and they’ve just recently discovered that they’re both into butt-licking. Well, today you’ll see how these girls go from squeaky-clean to ass-cleaners in this red-hot episode from Anal Lick Fest.Com!

Check out this great sample video from the Anal Lick Fest.Com movie galleries, where the girls share a well-hung dude who’s more than eager to probe their shitters with his meatlog. It’s a real tight fit at first, but soon the gals have their juicy poop-chutes loosened like nothing you’ve seen before!

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Anal Addicts Get Their Tube Fix

July 31st, 2010 No comments

Anal Lick Fest

Co-eds Janey and Lynn are avid anal lovers, so whenever they get the chance, they go in for a lot of butt-pounding action from their dates. But they’re also into giving and getting rimjobs, so their lucky stud’s gonna get a lot of that as well!

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